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Kirilenko & Lopatova: NBA wife grants annual infidelity allowance

Could this couple's pact be the healthiest alternative to our constant conflict with monogamy?
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Bobby Box, July 17, 2013 1:18:03 PM

Masha Lopatova, Russian pop star and wife of Brooklyn Net, Andrei Kirilenko, grants her husband one night of adultery─without objection─a year. Lapatova understands that male athletes are constantly pursued by women, so she allows him one night of NSA sex to diminish the likeliness of an affair.

“It’s the same way with raising children,” Lopatova told the Salt Lake Tribune in 2006, “If I tell my child, ‘No pizza, no pizza, no pizza,’ what does he want more than anything? Pizza!”

The agreement isn’t reciprocal, and Lopatova has claimed “If I know about it, it’s not cheating.” While most men would take full advantage of this unusual agreement, Kirlenko, who has admitted he was surprised by his wife’s generosity, claimed he’s “not planning to do anything.” And has defended his wife’s position saying “If something isn’t allowed you, you want to get it, but if it is allowed to you, you will not need it.”

The couple have been married for 13 years and have two sons together, ages 11 and 6.

Though this one-sided arrangement is indisputably bizarre and excellent fodder for the media, I understand it. Many professional athletes cheat, most notably, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. So Lopatova is keeping things open a crack. Yes, she’s letting him cheat, which is in contradiction with the sanctities of marriage, but she’s also making it easy for him to tell the truth. What reasons does he have to keep his wandering eye a secret when she’s totally cool with it?

As stated above, the couple has been married for 13 years, so clearly something’s working—though we aren’t exactly sure whether Kirlenko has taken her up on the adulterous offer at this point. I’ll admit I’d have a hard time knowing my wife has slept with another man; but as we all know, famous couples do things differently, and if these two can wade against the massive waves of temptation, tabloids and everything else that comes with those millions, then good for them. Who are we to judge how they make their marriage work?

Divorce is becoming more and more prevalent as time passes, and, if you are a fan of Maury like I am, you’re well aware of the quantity of cheaters in North America alone. Is Lapotova’s booty allowance as bizarre as we claim? Or is this the way people should conduct their relationships from now on?

Could this be the healthiest alternative to our constant conflict with monogamy?

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