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Experiment: ‘If you ask 100 people to have sex, at least one will say yes.’

How would you have reacted had someone of the opposite sex approached you for NSA sex?
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Bobby Box, August 2, 2013 11:30:00 AM

It was Archduke Franz Ferdinand who uttered the words, “If you ask 100 people to have sex, at least one will say yes.”

The old adage makes sense statistically; one of 100 women would probably find a man attractive enough to sleep with him. However, as is the case with the gentleman brave enough to put this saying to the test, this proved false. So, so false. Of the 100 women questioned, none of them said yes. One even tossed her beverage in the young man’s face.

(Select the image below to watch his video.)

Perhaps more interesting though, was when a woman took on this challenge.

In the three-minute video, the woman (Andrea) approaches each male in Daisy Duke cut-offs and a crop top exposing her crystal belly button ring. She’s attractive, but not a complete knockout. She’s the type you couldn’t imagine any man turning down. Except, under this particular circumstance—one a man could only dream of—half of the men actually do say no.

Which begs the question: Are men all talk and no action?

To be fair, some had girlfriends, some were with their girlfriends, others were gay, and some were instantly intimidated; their penises inverted as if they were dropped into a frigid lake. At one point an older man threatens to call the police and follows through with it.  The police then question whether or not she is a prostitute.

(Select the image below to watch her video.)

Half of the men did say yes, and I can guarantee you that if I provided photos of each man asked, you’d be able to guess which of whom took the lovely Andrea up on her offer.

Disclaimer: Andrea did not actually sleep with these men. After each man answered her, Andrea would then inform the gents that her offer was part of a social experiment that would air on YouTube, sorry dudes.

Each video speaks volumes about gender roles. The women were likely influenced by the fact that their friends, (he typically approached pairs or groups of three), would judge her for giving a stranger access to her sacred temple. With men, it was the opposite. If the man was with a male friend, he had to say yes. Saying no would indicate he was weak, that he was all talk and no action. Both sides felt pressure, just for different reasons.

Best reactions:

His video:
• “We both have boyfriends or else we definitely would.”
• “No. Thanks for asking.”
• “You’re attractive and everything, I would probably make out with you.”
• “Does that ever work for you?”

Her video:
• “I better not be getting robbed right now”
• “Mom, can I call you back?”
• “Have you been drinking?”
• “You guys do rock, paper, scissors.”

How would you have reacted had someone of the opposite sex approached you for NSA sex?

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