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Rekindled romance: How to re-introduce your ex

Rumour has it the royal flame has sparked again between Prince Andrew and Fergie. Which begs the question: How in the hell do you re-introduce an ex to family and friends?
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Bobby Box, September 11, 2013 10:52:22 AM

“Mark my words, they will remarry,” a friend close to the Duke and Duchess of York said about the Royal couple, who filed for divorce in 1996 after 10 years of marriage.

The couple remained close after their divorce, both caring for daughters Beatrice, 25, and Princess Eugenie, 23. Amidst the rumours, another friend said of the rekindled romance: “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. They are a wonderful couple together and, better still, pretty amazing parents.”

But hold on to your fascinators, ladies, Fergie was quick to deny these reports. A spokesperson on her behalf announced: “They continue to be joint parents and best friends and try to set the best example for the girls.” Well Fergie, nothing says ‘best example’ like having your toes sucked by your financial advisor and having the act photographed. (Toe jam on crumpets, anyone?)

But, that was 1992, and we all make mistakes.

Back in 2009, Prince Andrew admitted he wouldn’t rule out remarrying the Duchess. “Do we have to be married?” he asked. “Well, let’s put it another way, I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility. We have two great children. We still look after them.”

So, should you find yourself in a similar situation, how should you introduce your loved one to other loved ones? Remember, after a split, friends and family — out of loyalty to you —will despise your ex. Well, guess what: You’re back together! So your friends have to suck it up.

Here’s how you re-introduce an ex into your circles.

First, assuming you spoke a few words of ill will about them in an emotional fit right after the split, tell your friends and family how they’ve made their way back into your life. Was it through a series of romantic gestures? If you have children together, have they gone far beyond their duties as a parent?

Your friends and family will be skeptical; they don’t want to see you hurt again. But if you can convince them in the same way your ex convinced you. There will be some resistance, but you should be able to do this.

Above all, it’s important you tell them that this person makes you happy. At the end of the day, that’s all your friends truly want for you.

DO NOT make your re-introduction an event worthy of its own Facebook invitation. Nobody needs a build-up for this moment; it puts unnecessary pressure on the situation and leads people to believe it’s a bigger deal than it is. Treat it like you would when introducing a completely new partner to the gang. Make the introduction as fluid as possible — a party or a group dinner is the best setting for this.

Something active like mini-golf works too, just don’t put your ex in a situation where your friend’s intimidating stink eye is always visible. Your ex will be just as nervous, if not more nervous, than you are. Hopefully, after your campaigning, the stink eye will be limited — if not gone completely, your ex will be granted another chance and you can enjoy your evening.

Use your social networks as another platform to campaign — subtly, of course. Whether it’s the occasional Facebook status documenting a surprise date your former ex set up for you, or a photo on Instagram, friends will be able to see how happy this person is making you.

Don’t over-do it of course. There’s nothing more annoying than a couple who documents each and every step they take as a couple. It gives people the sense that you are overcompensating. There’s a fine line for what’s acceptable. Even once a week is too much. Aim for once every two weeks, depending on how dire the situation.

Also, no kissing pics. They are terribly cheesy — especially when taken as a selfie.


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