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In defense of morning sex

A recent study found people prefer morning coffee over morning sex. Our expert, Bobby Box, performs a reverse cowgirl on this statistic so to speak.
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Bobby Box, October 11, 2013 8:51:24 AM

Morning sex, like breakfast, is an important start to your day. Not as important as your first cup of coffee though, according to a survey by Le Meridien hotel group. Fifty-three per cent of those surveyed chose the bitter black liquid over a toe-curling orgasm at sunrise.

Six countries were included in the survey and 78 per cent of respondents said they would rather abstain from alcohol, social media or sex for a year rather than go without coffee. (C'MON. NOT A FREAKING CHANCE. Alcohol? Social media? Sex? These things are my lifeblood.)

It's important to note that these people were likely avid travellers. Meaning five-pound cups of Timmies or Starbucks is essential for them to function; kind of like the Tin Man with oil. (22 per cent surveyed said they wouldn't be able to get out of bed without coffee).

While I am a coffee lover I should note here that I am not a coffee-snob. I often drink chain coffee over specialty (because I'm cheap) I couldn't imagine it being preferable to sex. It's a very disheartening statistic (for me, at least) that a steaming two-dollar beverage is more important than a steamy sex session though it certainly lasts longer. But, I digress wait. No, I don't. Here are five reasons you should choose morning sex over coffee.

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1. Mood: Good sex is a mood-booster. Serotonin is released during sexual activity, meaning your day will be off to the best start possible. If you achieve orgasm during these throes of passion, consider those serotonin levels through the roof. (Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed, am I right?)

2. Immunity: Immunoglobulin A, which protects against infection, increases during morning sex. A study conducted by researchers at Wilkes University found that having sex once or twice a week boosts our immune systems. Sex-havers had 30 per cent more immunoglobulin A compared to those who had no sex at all. Think of sex as a vitamin that cuddles and gives you orgasms.

3. Health: Nottingham University found that men who had regular sex (two to three times a week) in their 50s were at lower risk of developing prostate cancer. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke by half.

4. Fertility: Making a habit of morning sex can improve both sperm quality and fertility in a couple. A study in Australia found daily sex improves sperm quality which increases your chances of getting pregnant. Daily ejaculation in men cut the amount of DMA damage in sperm samples significantly. (So, the next time you're not feeling up to it, don't discourage your man from getting off from porn. Especially if you're hoping to get pregnant!)

5. Skin/hair: A morning orgasm during sex releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which reportedly improves the tone and texture of skin and hair. Put simply, sex allows for blood circulation which provides a natural glow.

Let me finish by discussing the simplicity of morning sex. For a woman, all she has to do is wake up. Seriously, her man is already pitching a tent. Morning wood is not a myth and no man wants to waste it. Plus, mornings are usually rushed, meaning morning sex provides the added adrenaline that comes with spontaneous sex. If that doesn't wake you up, then have a coffee afterwards, it's stupid to have to choose even hypothetically anyways.


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Bobby Box

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