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STUDY: Prettier women make better wives

As if we needed to further applaud the attractive, a new study reveals men report higher marital satisfaction with pretty women.
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Bobby Box, November 21, 2013 5:32:40 PM

Hot wife, happy life. Turns out, married men with more attractive wives report higher levels of overall marital satisfaction; meaning we can no longer snicker at married partners and assume they only make themselves attractive because they’re threatened by infidelity, or are already being cheated on. (That’s just me? Alright then.)

The study, from psychologist Andrea Meltzer and recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, followed 450 newlywed couples over the course of four years, posing the question that eventually lead to the results: does a good-looking spouse leads to a more satisfying marriage?

Turns out, yes — but only for men (we’re pigs). Likewise, attractive women also reported higher levels of satisfaction, which is likely attributed to the fact that her husband was happy. However, the attractiveness of a husband had absolutely no effect on a wife’s overall satisfaction.These results reflect a 2008 study from Professor Benjamin Karney who found that men with more attractive wives felt as though they were ‘getting a better deal’ (think value-meals) and were more committed for the fact that they felt lucky to have her. How romantic.

There have been many studies that have determined what men find attractive about women. I’ve compiled a few that could potentially assist you in being the best you can be for your husband — superficially speaking. Each of the results can all be solved with a little make-up, hair dye, etc. Cosmetic surgery isn’t necessary.

Here are five easy fixes:

Brown hair: Apart from my own preference and that of 90 per cent of my friends, a study from 2011 from social networking site, Badoo found that men rated brunettes as most attractive when shown photos of the same woman sporting any other hair colour. They were also viewed as more intelligent and approachable.

Wear red: There have been many studies supporting a man’s desire for a lady in red. Most recently, however, was one out of the University of South Brittany where researchers enlisted 120 male students. They were then shown photos of the same woman in the same top in varied colours. She was judged based on attractiveness, and her willingness to put out on a first date. In both cases, men voted for red. The study mirrors results of a 2008 survey by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta.

Large eyes: There have also been many studies conducted on why men find themselves so powerless to a woman’s large piercing eyes. The most recent — commissioned by Murine eye drops, no less — found that of 1,000 men, 70 per cent confessed eyes were what they stared at first. Don’t give us too much credit though, her breasts came in third. Smile was second. The reason being why large eyes were preferred is that it is an indicator of femininity, and can be linked to reproductive potential.

Your breasts: Stuff or squish accordingly, ladies. A recent study out of the University of Westminster, and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior revealed that men’s attitudes towards women affected his breast preference. Researchers interviewed 361 straight men ages 18-68, and were shown five different 3D models of women with different breast sizes and were asked to rate their physical attractiveness. The study found that men who displayed more overt sexism preferred large breasts (24.4 per cent). So that’s no good. Other studies have revealed poor men prefer larger breasts as well as men who are hungry. Weird.

Make-up: A poll from online beauty retailer, found that 73 per cent of men prefer women wear make-up at all times. (Easy for us to say.) Twenty one per cent admitted they only like her dolled up when out for events and occasions, while a measly six per cent opted for au natural. Which look was most popular? The smoky eye, as it is seen as ‘timeless’. Also, Mila Kunis.

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