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Best places to watch a sunset

Revealing all the best spots to see Canada's greatest sunsets.
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Jordan Hale and Greg J. Smith, August 27, 2013 12:10:49 PM

As the sun sets on yet another Canadian summer, we thought it was time to reveal where you can find the best ones this country has to offer. Grab a blanket, a few snacks and check out the images below. Not only do they reveal the stunning natural beauty of our nation’s landscape, they’ll have you heading out to a sunset-gazing party of your own.

Looking to the west, Darren Kirby’s spot on Hornby Island completely encapsulates the beauty of the coast. It’s just you, the water, and a bright orange sky as far as the eye can see. But moving northwards, Eli Duke’s image from Watson Lake foregrounds a slightly starker version of the same landscape. When we move even further in the same direction, Meand Rea’s spartan image of Fort McPherson reveals that the terrain becomes tundra, so you better pack a pair of boots.

The various shots of the Prairies, collected by Bill Burris, Ian Bullock and Caroline Ingram all prominently showcase the ‘big sky’ that the region is famous for. While the lone shot from Ontario, captured by Jeremiah John McBride at Lake Marie Louise, captures the quiet majesty of the great lakes region. Finally, moving eastward to the Maritimes it is little surprise that the Atlantic Ocean features some stunning Canadian sunsets. It was perhaps most beautifully captured in Dennis Jarvis’s image of a trio of boats anchored in Seabright, Nova Scotia. Check out the images to see where your favorite location is, but you better hurry, this Sun isn’t waiting for anyone.

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Jordan Hale and Greg J. Smith

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