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How we measure up: Penis lengths and bra sizes around the world

Where do the most generously endowed people live?
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Jordan Hale and Greg J. Smith, October 15, 2013 3:57:57 PM

Admit it: You’ve always wanted to know where the big ones are.

Well, consider those dirty questions answered! We’ve mapped the national averages for penis length and bra cup size around the globe. Here is what we found:

There is much commentary about penis size and the temperament of males, and in beginning our survey it is interesting to note that the North Korean males have the lowest average penis length (3.8 inches) in the world (and in general Southeast Asia penises tend to be less than 5″). While cursed with an inferiority complex and an annoying need to compare themselves to Americans, Canadian males will be happy to know that with an average penis length of 5.5″, they are almost half an inch more generously endowed than their American counterparts.

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In terms of regional trends, we tend to see longer dongs in the Southern hemisphere, specifically African and South America countries. As for international bragging rights: the longest average penises in the world (7.1″) can be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Switching over to breast size is somewhat an inversion of the penis length data. The largest average bra cup sizes (larger than D cup) can be found in Russia, Finland, Norway and Sweden—all chilly Northern countries. Generally speaking, equatorial countries tend to have smaller breasts, with many nations in and around the equator having A and B as their most frequent cup size. Meanwhile, on the home front, Canadian woman have slightly less ample bosoms than our southern neighbours (our average cup size is a C, whereas America is a D).

Ok, we know it takes all kind of body types to make the world go round—so why not dive into this map and explore some of the finer details of this nuanced dataset?

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Jordan Hale and Greg J. Smith

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