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Does living with your parents ruin your sex life?

You might want to move back in with your family. In some countries, living at home actually boosted sex levels.
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Greg J. Smith, February 4, 2014 2:07:59 PM

Mom still getting in the way of your hanky-panky? You’re not alone.

There are many reasons that people live at home with their families: the global recession set back a few people’s move-out plans but there are also enduring cultural norms. So how are people coping? This week, we decided to see if living at home actually affects sex patterns – the results aren’t what you’d expect:

Before we get into the down and dirty, the data we used identified the percentage of people living with their immediate and/or extended family across all age groups – not just millennials. So on the ‘totally independent’ end of the spectrum, just 6% of New Zealanders and Swiss residents live at home. Surprisingly though, their sex lives only put them in the middle of the pack – with about (respectively) 63% and 72% reporting that they had weekly sex. Brazil and China are the randiest respondents with 78% and 82% having weekly sex (and 24% and 27% living with their families). You have to wonder where they’re getting it on.

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Out of all the countries, Indians and Malaysians were most likely to live with their parents (51% And 46%) But again, given 68% and 74% of respondents from these countries are reporting they have weekly sex, it looks like Mom isn’t causing much of a disturbance.

Here in Canada, just 13% of us live with extended families, but only 59% of us are having weekly sex. Shockingly, that’s actually the third lowest amongst the countries we have data for (Come on, Canada).

On inspecting this data it becomes clear that there are deeply engrained cultural (and sexual) norms that drive both our lust and living situations. But it just goes to show: You can’t stop people from doin’ it. Chalk that up to the joie de vivre of date night.

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