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Most people are bad in bed, here’s the proof

We've mapped which nations have the most fun between the sheets.
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Greg J. Smith, February 12, 2014 12:49:37 PM

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be feeling the pressure to perform.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Mick Jagger even famously once sung that he “couldn’t get no satisfaction” and based on the data we’re looking at this week—that’s kind of the norm. Thanks to the fine folks at Durex, we’ve got stats on sexual activity and satisfaction for 25 countries around the world. What we found should help put your mind at ease:

To start off, the most frisky country awards go to… Greece, Brazil, and Russia with 87%, 82%, and 80% of respondents claiming to be having sex weekly. The bulk of the nations reply at about 60-70% and the Canadians are amongst the least sexually active people in the world—with 59% reporting they are having weekly sex. We come in just ahead of the UK (55%) and USA (53%), and the Japanese (34%), who are having the least sex.

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But having sex and having good sex are, of course, entirely different things. Flipping over to the ‘satisfaction’ map to see what percentage of the respondents are getting what they need out of their sex lives – we see a little more of a depressing result. None of the previous ‘leaders’ are to be seen at the top of the list. Nigeria, with a modest 53% of respondents having weekly sex, has the highest rate of satisfaction with a solid 67%. Behind them are Mexico (63%), India (61%), and Poland (54%). Most countries reported levels of satisfaction in the 40-50% range and Canada cracks the top ten with 48%. At the bottom of the list we find Singapore (35%), Hong Kong (29%) and France (25%). The dubious distinction of ‘least satisfied’ (or perhaps, most honest) is Japan, with 15%.

It makes you wonder: Who needs GDP and ‘livability’ indexes when you have stats like these?

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Greg J. Smith

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