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Canada's rich middle class and a restaurant scammer, expelled diplomats, rampant child abuse and reduced danger pay.
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Chris Bateman, April 23, 2014 8:03:47 AM

Step aside, America: Canada’s middle class is the richest in the world. According to a new report published in the New York Times, Canada’s middle-class earnings have gone up nearly 20 per cent, while those in the U.S. have remained virtually the same since 2000. The report marks the first time in history that Canada’s middle class has been on top.

A restaurant scam was caught on camera in Calgary. A woman is accused of calling restaurants to say that she sent clients over there for a meal, but that they were unhappy with the food and service. After the restaurants send her back a gift card to make things right, she cashes in. The only problem was that one employee caught her on camera, and sent the footage to other restaurants as a warning. Watch her get caught below:

Don’t worry, it’s safe: Canadian soldiers heading to Afghanistan were told not to expect danger pay. Critics say the move doesn’t make sense, given the increasing violence in the country’s capital, Kabul. ‘If there’s no danger, you wouldn’t be sending [troops] at all,’ said NDP National Defence Critic Jack Harris.

The federal government stripped the B.C. humpback whale of its ‘threatened’ status. The whale that wows watchers off the B.C. coast will be downgraded to a ‘species of special concern,’ thereby losing the protections it receives under Canada’s Species at Risk Act. The changes remove a potentially significant legal hurdle for the multi-million-dollar Northern Gateway pipeline project.

One in three Canadian adults has experienced child abuse. A recent study found that 32 per cent of Canadian adults have experienced either physical abuse, sexual abuse, or intimate partner violence (witnessing parents hitting each other). One of the study’s co-authors said the results point to an ‘urgent need’ to address child abuse nationwide.

Russia expelled a Canadian diplomat from Moscow. Margarita Atanasov, who serves as Canada’s First Secretary of the immigration section, is to leave Russia within 14 days. The expulsion comes about two weeks after Canada expelled Russian assistant military attaché Lieut.-Col. Yury Bezler from Ottawa.

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Chris Bateman
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