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Unattractive beards and a Heartbleed-related arrest, Flaherty's state funeral, job-hopping Canadians and a psychiatric assessment.
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Michael Hiscock, April 17, 2014 8:04:47 AM

Break out the razors: The growing popularity of beards is actually making them less attractive. A new study out of the University of South Wales suggests that the rarer a physical trait is, such as a beard, the more attractive it is to others. But because the trend has become so mainstream, researchers say a reversal may be on the horizon as the clean-shaven look becomes more uncommon. More on this and other stories below:

RCMP charged a 19-year-old man in connection with the CRA Heartbleed breach. Arthuro Solis-Reyes, the son of a computer science professor at Western University, is facing one count of unauthorized use of a computer and one count of mischief in relation to data. This comes after Canada Revenue Agency announced that 900 Social Insurance Numbers had been taken from its system.

More Canadians are leaving their jobs after just two years. An online survey conducted by Workopolis found that 51 per cent of us have been in the same job for fewer than two years, compared to results from 1990-2000 where it was just 16 per cent. The vice president of human resources for Workopolis said that the world of employment is changing, and that people who hop around for job to job are no longer viewed with suspicion, but with praise.

The Calgary stabbing suspect was ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment. Matthew de Grood, 22, was arrested Tuesday and charged with five counts of first-degree murder after a stabbing attack at a house party celebrating the last day of university classes. Police know de Grood was invited to the party, but still haven’t found any kind of motive for the attack.

Spring flooding hit Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. In Sherbrooke, Que., entire sections of the city were submerged yesterday morning, forcing 632 residents to evacuate their homes. A state of emergency was also declared in Tweed, Ont., after water levels in the northern Moira River tributaries peaked and caused widespread flooding. In New Brunswick, the mayor of Sussex Corner said the roads are “impassable” and called the damage “devastating.”

Mourners honoured Jim Flaherty at his state funeral. “What a sad time this is in the life of our country,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, addressing Flaherty’s widow and their triplet sons. “We have lost a partner in politics, but you have lost a partner in life.” Harper’s warm, heart-felt eulogy also contained flashes of humour: “[Jim Flaherty] is, without a doubt, the best finance minister per inch in the world.”

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Michael Hiscock

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