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Baseball nicknames are the best nicknames you can name

It's the only sport where you'll meet The Sneak Thief, Cool Papa, Baby Giraffe and The Blade.
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Jeff Beer, April 30, 2013 7:03:04 PM

Everyone has had a nickname at some point. They stick to some people more than others. My last name prevented me from having a nickname of any real sort but over the course of my life I’ve known a Fergie, a Fitz, a Super, a Cranker, a Bonk, a Cork and a Slick. None of these come anywhere close to as cool as this entire list of baseball nicknames at

The Sneak Thief, Cool Papa, Deer Foot, Baby Giraffe and The Blade? Sounds like the cast of either a Disney movie or the next Guy Ritchie flick. But these are Major League baseball players. Here’s a few of our favourties:

Harry “The Golden Greek” Agganis
Boston Red Sox first baseman, 1954-1955

Luke “Old Aches and Pains” Appling
Chicago White Sox shortstop and third baseman, 1930-1950

Twins/Tigers/Braves/Giants/Royals pitcher 1978-1992

Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler
Kansas City Royals first baseman, 2007-2013
(He’s on Twitter!)

And we didn’t even get out of the Bs! This list is a treasure. Be sure to consult it before nicknaming a friend, relative or child.

(via USA Today)

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Jeff Beer

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