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Shark gang heading for Nova Scotia

The gang was recently 'terrorizing' the New England coast.
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Michael Hiscock, July 17, 2013 3:20:38 PM

Clear the beach! A real-life Sharknado is on the way!

A massive great white shark is heading for Nova Scotia. Researchers at the Dalhousie University Ocean Sciences building have been tracking the endangered animal since May 16. ‘Lydia’ was tagged near Jacksonville, Florida, and made her way past Bermuda back in May before steering toward the Maritimes.

But she isn’t alone.

Lydia’s rolling with a gang of 19 sharks ‘who have recently been terrorizing the New England coast,’ said Dalhousie University biology professor Sara Iverson to The Chronicle Herald.

And now the pack has its sights set on the seals of Sable Island.

The good news is, the tracking technology is also used to alert officials to clear beaches of swimmers as the predators pass by. So that should keep most humans safe as the sharks turn the Canadian coast into their own personal grocery store.

But just in case all those precautions fail, here are some tips to survive a shark attack:

  • No matter how scared you are, DO NOT urinate
  • Never take your eyes off of the shark. Even if it looks like it’s leaving
  • If you have to punch the beast, aim for its gills or eyes, rather than the nose

Happy swimming!

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Michael Hiscock

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