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America’s old plan to invade Canada

The 1920s plan began with an attack on the Maritimes.
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Michael Hiscock, July 2, 2013 11:00:55 PM

Before the outbreak of World War II, the American army created plans for a hypothetical war with Great Britain, and even possibly Japan. Because of our strong ties to the royal family, operation War Plan Red mapped out a full-scale invasion of Canada. The strategy began with a gas attack on New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which would grow into a full blockade of Canada’s Eastern seaports. This would test the limits of the British Royal Navy, and potentially cut off our country’s access to resupply.

The details were leaked leading up to 1974, when the plans became declassified.

But before you go on any flag-burning tirades, remember that all of the world’s most powerful militaries have contingency plans to deal with possible threats. In fact, Canada had a plan to invade the U.S. long before War Plan Red ever existed. The plan called for a surprise attack on the U.S. as soon as Canadians had ‘evidence’ that the south was planning an invasion.

As for War Plan Red? We’d like to see them try.

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Michael Hiscock

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