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‘Dead’ man elected mayor in Mexico

The man used a death certificate in an attempt to evade an arrest warrant, but still managed to win an election.
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Michael Hiscock, July 12, 2013 3:23:16 PM

A ‘Dead’ man was elected mayor of a village in Southern Mexico.

Authorities say relatives of Lenin Carballido used a death certificate to convince police to drop an arrest warrant against him for allegedly participating in a 2004 gang rape. But he had no problem rising out of his grave as soon as he was declared the winner of a recent election in San Agustin Amatengo.

Turns out the certificate had been faked, but appears to have been drawn up and signed by a public registry official. The full name actually turned out to be ‘Leninguer Carballido.’

The Oaxaca state prosecutors’ office has already issued a statement saying it would do everything it could to put him in jail, even if he is formally sworn in as mayor. They were also considering whether or not to charge him with any election-law violations.

Enjoy your victory party!

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Michael Hiscock

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