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Lake turns animals into stone

The effect is created by the chemical properties of the water.
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Michael Hiscock, October 2, 2013 8:39:47 PM

Don’t bother testing these waters.

An eerily still lake in Tanzania is capable of calcifying animals who touch it, making them appear as though they’ve turned into stone. The phenomenon is caused by the extremely basic alkalinity present in the lake - the polar opposite of an acid, these liquids can preserve creatures for an eternity.

Lake Natron gets its name from a naturally occurring compound created from volcanic ash that has drifted into the waters. Animals that become immersed in it calcify after death, and take on the appearance you see above.

Some guess that all the corpses are the result of the extremely reflective surface of the lake. Birds crash into it much in the same way they would a glass window. Although the photo above was arranged by professional photographer Nick Brandt.

As for the lake itself, there’s only one fish that can survive its harsh waters.

Everything else just sinks like a stone.

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Michael Hiscock

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