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Family’s Halloween decorations terrify neighbourhood

The décor has already been the subject of a 911 call.
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Michael Hiscock, October 20, 2013 12:57:37 PM

A gory display of Halloween décor has already triggered a 911 call in Oklahoma.

The frightening scene at the Mullins’ family home includes a man whose head appears to have been crushed under a garage door (with fake blood spatter and all) and another who appears to have been run over by a truck. Not to mention the tombstones, spider webs and eerie fake bones that practically line the property.

‘I’m trying to scare people,’ Johnnie Mullins says in the video above.

And it’s working. Neighbourhood resident Rebecca Fuentes dialed in an emergency after thinking two men had been brutally injured on the Mullins’ front yard. But now that she knows it’s all fake, she’s worried about any would-be trick-or-treaters that see the display before Halloween.

‘If I thought it was real, I can’t image what a child would think,’ she said.

According to Johnnie, once the police showed up, they said the decorations weren’t violating any laws.

At least the Mullins’ will get to keep most of their candy this year.

Do you think the decorations go too far? Let us know below!

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Michael Hiscock

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