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Cellphone stops bullet during robbery

When a robber fired a gunshot at a gas station clerk, it was stopped by the cellphone in his shirt pocket.
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Michael Hiscock, October 29, 2013 10:07:21 PM

Life or death situation? There’s an app for that.

Police say a cellphone stopped a robber’s bullet in Florida. In an email, Winter Garden Police wrote that a man entered a gas station and asked a clerk for help, only to suddenly stick a revolver in his face and start demanding cash.

But there was a snag in the crook’s plan: The attendant couldn’t open the safe. When the robber ordered a second employee to try, he couldn’t open it either.

That’s when he fired a shot at one of the clerks and ran.

Stunned, the victim later pulled the phone out of his shirt pocket and made the shocking discovery – he walked away with only minor injuries.

Talk about a close call.

Image: Winter Garden Police/AP

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Michael Hiscock

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