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Rob Ford gets his own movie

Are you really surprised?
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Michael Hiscock, November 21, 2013 4:23:39 PM

Just when you thought Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor wasn’t funny anymore…

Chris Farley stars as Rob Ford in a YouTube video about the embattled mayor’s journey to the bottom. By using mostly unedited clips from previous Farley flicks, uploader Tristan Gough was able to post an incredibly similar story to Ford’s.

The movie begins with Toronto’s mayor-to-be declaring he’s ‘high’ while driving, and then subsequently getting pulled over by police. Then it launches the character into a tirade of less-than-intelligent behavior including full out collisions with video cameras, falling over in football fields and various adventures that likely took place while under the influence of several drunken stupors.

But seriously people – he apologized!! Now just let him be the mayor already.

Not. Check out the video above.

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Michael Hiscock

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