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Holly jolly overload: The craziest Christmas light displays

From an Angry-Birds inspired interactive light show, to a dubstep-themed Christmas remix.
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Michael Hiscock, November 29, 2013 9:56:37 AM

Get ready to squint.

With parts of Canada already getting blanketed with a thick layer of snow, we thought we’d bust out the colorful lights a little early this year.

Warning: If you’re a Scrooge, just leave now. You won’t survive this article.

Now, we all appreciate a little festive cheer. But remember that if some of your holly jolly lights are glaring into your neighbors bedroom all night, they might come out and have a few less-than cheery things to say to you. You might even end up with a Grinch problem on your hands. An Australian family learned that the hard way. Sure, they broke a world record, but some of their neighbors haven’t spoken to them for years. Check this out and maybe you’ll see why:

At least the Australian family’s display was silent. Some people love Christmas so much, they force the entire neighborhood to love it along with them. Check out this Christmas REEEMIX:

Yeah, that’s why we warned the Scrooge’s out there. But if festive displays get you angry, you should love this Angry Birds-inspired display. It’s a light show you can actually interact with, and it even tracks your score!

Disclaimer: Santa might miss most of his route getting addicted to your game, so make sure you stay up to prevent that from happening. Angry Birds takes no responsibility for undelivered Christmas presents.

If this doesn’t give you some inspiration into your holiday-themed decor this year, we don’t know what will. Just make sure to keep all the holly jolly fun on your side of the fence.

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Michael Hiscock

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