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Australian ad shows kids blowing up after skipping class

A new (likely fake) PSA is warning kids just how crazy things can get when you skip class.
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Michael Hiscock, January 31, 2014 10:21:32 AM

Stay in school…or else.

If your kid has a problem attending class, consider it solved. Australian filmmakers Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann created a video that’ll scare any troublemaker straight.

Made for the Learn for Life Foundation, the video starts with a group of students slipping out of a school window before they drive off to the beach. They’re all smiles and giggles as they splash and frolic – not a care in the world.

And that’s when one of them explodes.

The victim’s boyfriend hardly has time to react before he too is blown to bloody pieces. The deaths are shown in brutal detail, with blood and limbs showering the beach.

The message? Don’t slack off.

We suppose the group skipped too many classes to be able to read the sign that read ‘Explosives testing site.’

Check it out above.


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Michael Hiscock

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