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Tourists accidentally lead police on high-speed chase

When the tourists saw the officer turn his sirens on, they sped up to get out of the way.
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Michael Hiscock, February 26, 2014 10:50:19 PM

Being in a foreign country can suck.

One family of Japanese tourists learned that lesson the hard way in Utah. Their very first night in the U.S. ended with two parents being pulled from a rental car at gunpoint as their young son watched from the backseat.

The high-speed chase began at 1 a.m. Saturday after the car was spotted driving at just 60 km/h on a highway while swerving between lanes. Brad Horne, Utah Highway Patrol’s DUI unit commander, figured he was dealing with a drunk driver and turned on his siren.

This must have confused the family because instead of pulling over, the vehicle sped up to 120 km/h and began driving erratically. Three patrol cars were soon in hot pursuit, while other officers closed highway offramps and set spike strips.

It wasn’t until the speed trap blew three of the car’s tires that it skidded to a stop about 11 kilometres north of where the pursuit began.

After officers approached the tourists with guns drawn, it quickly became clear a language barrier was the real problem. Luckily, nobody was hurt; and authorities don’t plan to pursue any charges.


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