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First ‘Star Wars’ spin-off to star Yoda?

Boba Fett reportedly furious over decision to pre-empt his story with puppet's tale.
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Corrina Allen, February 5, 2013 10:01:50 AM

Since the big question over who will direct the first Disney-owned Star Wars film has been answered (congratulations, JJ Abrams/my condolences, Star Trek fans) it’s time for Star Wars speculators to turn their attention to the questions surrounding the (approximately) 78 other series-related endeavours that Disney has planned for its $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm and its crown jewel franchise. Rumours about which Star Wars favourite would be the first to get their own spin-off film (a single, standalone movie that wouldn’t be part of one of the trilogies) have been circulating for awhile, with names like Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt (!?), and Han Solo being offered up as possible candidates. However, the latest word puts Yoda at the top of the list.

The studio has gone Star Wars-crazy as of late, scrapping a (rumoured) Oz-themed Disneyland extension and replacing it with plans for something Star Wars inspired. And it’s reported that Disneyland Paris will have a Star Wars-themed park up and running by 2015 (perhaps in time to coincide with the release of Abrams’ film). They’ve also put no limit on how many films they plan to milk from Lucas’ franchise.

Late last year Collider reported that screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg were hard at work, developing scripts that could form the basis for spin-offs focusing on side characters. Now AICN is alleging that the first film in the spin-off series will centre on everyone’s favourite li’l Jedi master. “The first Stand Alone [sic] film is going to center upon Yoda,” reports AICN. “At this stage specifics are sparse, but Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a Star Wars slate.” AICN claims that they’ve also heard talk of a Jabba the Hutt-centered tale “that Lucas has floated to some of his buddies. But word is Yoda is first.” (George Lucas sure loves his puppets.)

I guess this means that Captain America director Joe Johnston (who used to storyboard for George Lucas) and his bid for a Boba Fett film will have to get in line.

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Corrina Allen

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