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Taylor Swift sued over Canadian hoedown

Promoters want $1.8 million back from Swift, who never performed.
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Brian Gasparek, February 19, 2013 10:26:34 AM

With all her time in the spotlight, we’ve never heard Taylor Swift being called a thief. Maybe a heart breaker, maybe a sad sack, but never someone who rips people off. But apparently there are a pack of hoedown promoters in Ottawa who would beg to differ. And the angry cowboys want to sue her.

According to a new lawsuit that’s been filed in federal court in New York, the promoters of a Canadian country concert called “The Capital Hoedown” are suing Swift for $1.8 million dollars. Swift was given $2.5 million bucks to play the event that was supposed to take place last August in Ottawa. The event was cancelled however and Swift never had to play, but she kept the cash. The ticket company had to refund $1.8 million dollars in tickets, and they feel that Swift should be covering that cost since she never played to earn her money. The promoters feel that even if she pays that amount, she still gets to keep $700,000 in profit.

Taylor Swift feels different. According to a rep in the T-Swift camp, Taylor who was paid her $2.5 million bucks up front apparently never made a deal with the ticket company stating any sort of stipulations. The rep also said that they have not seen the lawsuit yet.

Sounds like Swift and her peeps are going to let the ticket company sweat it out. Who do you think is in the wrong?

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Brian Gasparek

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