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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Was the best just eliminated?

Makenzie and Nico are eliminated from the competition?
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Greg David, August 14, 2013 8:16:55 AM

Did America just send home one of the best dancers So You Think You Can Dance has ever had? That was what head judge Nigel Lythgoe intimated on Tuesday night, as Makenzie Dustman was eliminated from the competition.

On the guys’ side, Nico Greetham danced his last, leading to a lot of gasps from the younger girls in the live audience.

I was shocked when Makenzie — who I think has great poise, fluidity and control — kept being placed in the bottom each week. Nigel and Mary Murphy were consistently surprised too, imploring America to give her another chance. They didn’t, and my girlfriend understood. According to her, Makenzie “has a look on her face,” that made her unappealing. I’d be interested to see if anyone else shares her opinion.

Tuesday’s performances — which saw this season’s Top 10 paired with So You Think You Can Dance all-stars — were overall impressive. That’s not to say there weren’t flaws. Nico in particular, received faint praise from Nigel, Mary and guest judge Debbie Allen. When the panel congratulates you for getting into character, you’re not having a good night.

The standout routine of the night came via Tucker Knox and all-star Robert Roldan. Their contemporary dance — choreographed by Travis Wall — to “Medicine” was a study in constant, flowing movement and emotion. By the end of the dance both guys were crying, as was Mary Murphy, who was so verklempt she had to stop talking and urge Nigel to take over.

Next week, 1600 Penn star Jenna Elfman drops by the studio to guest judge while the Top 8 finalists — Hayley Erbert, Fik-Shun, Jasmine Harper, Jenna Johnson, Paul Karmiryan, Tucker Knox, Aaron Turner and Amy Yakima — are once again paired with all-stars.

The hook next Tuesday is that the all-stars are performing and choreographing the routines.


So You Think You Can Dance airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV/Fox.

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