John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s $220-million divorce?

A(nother) mystery man comes between the trouble-plagued couple.
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Denette Wilford, April 26, 2013 12:40:03 PM

I’ve been trying to avoid the latest story of the demise of John Travolta‘s marriage to Kelly Preston because they tend to be gross. But now there’s a mystery man involved so I could no longer turn a blind eye.

The Enquirer has been reporting that the two are on the brink of a costly divorce (if you’ve been in line at the supermarket, you couldn’t miss the screaming headline) and Kelly could get $220 million because John wants to avoid a messy trial that would expose all his naughty bits. (Take that as you will.)

John and Kelly have been keeping up a front that all is hunky-dory in their marriage, even going on a supposed idyllic family vacation with their two-year-old. But apparently it was all just part of an image they are trying to uphold.

“John and Kelly put on a happy face while on vacation Down Under in early April,” an insider told The Enquirer. “But the truth is that John rushed his family halfway around the world to smooth things out with Kelly and cover up her frustration about their union.” This isn’t the first time they’ve been conveniently photographed while on holiday during a trying time so I tend to believe it. I’m just not sure if I buy into this whole mystery-man addition.

According to the tabloid, the dude goes by the name Rav Holly, though his real name is Todd Dwayne Holly. He’s a “42-year-old obsessed fan and occasional photographer for Travolta,” and sources say “they were introduced by a mutual friend and initially bonded because they’d both lost their young sons.” (Jett Travolta died when he was 16, and Holly’s son Patrick killed himself in his early 20s.)

Holly has reportedly begun to dress like Travolta and, for some unknown reason, even copied John’s hairstyle. Sources close to Holly’s family claim the man’s studio is filled with photos of Travolta and Holly “constantly gushes about his friendship with John.” Creeeeeeeeepy. Theres also more about Rav’s shocking abusive past and what a doctor has determined as “a severe mental illness, major depressive disorder with psychotic features.”

The Enquirer also reported that Travolta and Holly travelled from San Antonio, Tex., to L.A. by train and the two locked themselves in a compartment, but a source close to Holly insists he is not gay. Hey, John and Rav have that in common too!

“Kelly knows Rav and she doesn’t care for him one bit, which makes John’s friendship with him even worse for their marriage,” a source revealed. “John told Kelly his train trip with Rav was all business and begged Kelly not to divorce him. He repeated over and over again that he loves her, little Ben and [their 13-year-old daughter] Ella Bleu more than anything on earth.”

Another source added: “Now John is more desperate than ever to smooth things over with Kelly — she’s been around long enough to know all John’s darkest secrets. The last thing he wants is a messy public divorce where Kelly could reveal everything she knows, so now he’s backtracking and trying to be the perfect husband.”

Travolta has had to deal with several accusations from men who claim the actor got way too touchy-feely with them but the charges were dropped. It has since been revealed that Travolta paid off two men to shut them up but it would cost more than $84,000 to keep Preston from revealing what she knows. Though I don’t think Kelly would go there. The two, if they are divorcing, would settle quietly. Kelly plays the game just as much as John does, and they’re both clearly protecting themselves, their kids, and, to an extent, even each other.

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