Will Reese Witherspoon’s dirty secrets be exposed?

Reese's estranged 'stepmom' wants to cash in on the Reese hate.
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Denette Wilford, May 8, 2013 5:05:57 PM

It may not be the coolest thing to say right now, but I like Reese Witherspoon. Sure, her goody-goody image was shattered to bits after that awesome video of her arrest went viral, but if anything, she’s now off that perch she once sat from and can no longer look down her perky nose at anyone. Amirite?

But there’s someone who wants to throw a giant can of petrol on this fire known as Reese’s reputation: her estranged stepmom. I’m not buying one word of this however because Tricianne Taylor is the woman who scammed Reese’s dad, John, into marrying her — even though he is still married to Reese’s mom. And OF COURSE Taylor wants a giant cheque in return for exposing all of Witherspoon’s dirty secrets.

“Based on Reese’s behaviour in those police videos following her recent arrest, I believe she has a serious drinking problem and needs to get professional help,” Taylor told The Enquirer. “I think Reese’s father is living in denial about the severity of her drinking, because he insists that the entire arrest was a set-up by police.”

Tricianne adds that Reese “was so awful and disrespectful to her father” at her wedding to Jim Toth and John “almost bailed on her and refused to walk her down the aisle.”

Taylor added: “Reese shows very little respect for her father, and he’s been ostracized by her because she’s so angry that he married me.” Now, Tricianne is willing to spill more of “her side” — for a price. And you have to give it to this con artist, she doesn’t come cheap. She wants $100,000 for her troubles.

Ugh. This woman will clearly say anything for a quick buck. I wonder how much she got paid for her Enquirer story? You know what I hate most? That this woman has the audacity to continue calling herself Reese’s stepmom. The reason she’s estranged is because Reese’s mom, Betty, had to get a restraining order against Tricianne, and John had to admit in court that he was suffering from dementia. I know people will believe whatever they want to believe, and someone will probably pay Taylor something to talk, but I’m not going to give this awful woman a second thought.

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Denette Wilford

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