Drug dealer: Lindsay Lohan ‘still wants to party’

Lindsay's alleged drug dealer says she's in rehab to save face, not fight addiction.
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Warren L. Waterman, May 24, 2013 3:21:35 PM

When he’s not ferrying drugs around for Hollywood B-listers, David “DJ” Joseph is studying to get his certificate in addictions counselling—or at least that’s what you’d think after hearing him expertly analyze Lindsay Lohan‘s current situation. The self-proclaimed dealer to the stars (or to Lindsay, at least) says LiLo isn’t in rehab to recover. She’s there to save face.

“Lindsay still wants to party,” said David “No, I Do Not Spin Records” Joseph, speaking to Star Magazine (via Radar Online). “But she feels going to rehab saves face in the eyes of the public.” The dealer, who seems to have a direct line to Lindsay’s “feelings”, claims that her drug habit was a far more regular hobby than she let on during that infamous Piers Morgan interview.

If you’ll recall, the twice-busted for possession La Lohan told Mr. Morgan that she’d only tried cocaine “maybe four or five times in my life.” Joseph, however, tells a different story about the actresses alleged love affair with Colombian marching powder. He claims that LiLo used to be one of his best customers, spending over $10,000 on his wares. Four or five times? Pshaw, says Joseph, “I saw her take a bump more than that when she tested out my deliveries.”

The benevolent drug dealer says that he eventually began to worry. “Lindsay wasn’t monitoring what she was taking,” he told Star, “and there were lots of enablers around, so I had to walk away.” (A real heart-of-gold-type, this guy.)

Joseph says he feared that LiLo “would do a line of coke after some pills and then be dead… I am not in the business of helping people kill themselves,” he clarified, without going into whether or not he’s in the business of selling (true, exaggerated, or completely fabricated) stories about his famous clientele to gossip magazines.


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Warren L. Waterman

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