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Mila & Ashton’s royal dinner date

OK, so it wasn't with Will and Kate, but it was a step up from 'Two and a Half Men'.
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Warren L. Waterman, May 14, 2013 3:58:31 PM

If Ashton Kutcher was out of his league when he got Mila Kunis to be his girlfriend, he has now climbed his way into a whole new social class—even if it was just for a double-date with a real live member of the British Royal Family. Both Ashton and Mila were spotted in London late Saturday afternoon joining Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend for a bite, which may seem like standard celebrity hobnobbing until you start to think about how Bea is actually the fifth in line for the British throne, and how her grandmother is the lady on our currency, and how she became an insta-famous meme just for wearing a ridiculous hat to her cousin Prince “The Future King” William‘s wedding to Kate “Queen of Expectant Mothers Who Aren’t Beyoncé” Middleton, etc.

Heck, even if you deduct points because Beatrice’s mother is Fergie, this casual little photo op is still PR gold for a guy who, just 18 months ago, looked set to be remembered for following Charlie Sheen on a bad sitcom and trashing his marriage to Demi Moore in the sticky wake on a hot-tub indiscretion. But then, what’s not so surprising is that Ashton’s longtime friend and relatively new squeeze Mila would be seen out with a Windsor while she’s in London to shoot a movie. The ever-popular MK’s stock keeps going up—and not just because she’s funny and FHM named her the world’s sexiest woman last week.

Photos at the Mail Online show that Saturday’s royal affair was also a very casual one, with the American couple dressed down (literally in Kunis’ case: in some pics she’s wearing a feather-filled North Face parka). Though the Mail seemed puzzled about the connection between the Hollywood A-listers (Ashton is A-list again!) and the young princess, subsequent reports indicate that Kunis and Kutcher were out with Beatrice and Dave Clark, her American boyfriend of six years, as part of some kind of charity walk—which explains the actors’ sensible shoes, if nothing else.

A source tells Us Weekly that the walk reportedly included a tour of high-end restaurants, which allowed the group to sample everything from duck waffles to fancy cocktails to tapas (from a Spanish restaurant that, according to the Mail, promptly presented Mila and Ashton with Real Madrid t-shirts).

Said an Us source present at one eatery: “They were super friendly and chill. They didn’t cause a scene or commotion.”

Yes, just you wait, England. This is Ashton Kutcher you’re talking about. Mila can’t be there all the time. It may be fine dining with Princess Beatrice today, but it could be crushing cans with Prince Harry tomorrow.

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Warren L. Waterman

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