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Hef’s in-laws are regulars at the Playboy Mansion

Crystal Hefner's parents love their daughter's new life.
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Denette Wilford, May 15, 2013 4:54:39 PM

I don’t know what’s weirder — that Hugh and Crystal Hefner are still together, or that her parents approve of their daughter marrying a man more than three times her age. It’s just… weeeeeeeeeiiiirrrrrd. Weird all around. But if the Hefners are happy, so be it, I guess. I just wonder if Hugh was expecting to see his in-laws all the time.

“My parents come up here pretty much every weekend,” Crystal told People magazine from the Playboy Mansion. “Hef’s friends were joking with them. They were like, ‘Did you guys move in?’ They’re here, outside in the tent. They love it. They love coming here.”

They’re also stoked at how their daughter’s marriage has helped their social life. “They’ve made all kinds of new friends here,” Crystal continued. “Hef has friends from all throughout the years, so my parents relate to some of the people more than me, so it’s cool.” Eek. So many things wrong with that sentence.

As for life as a newlywed, Crystal calls it “awesome,” and she and Hugh “have the best time, and everything’s nice and mellow and perfect.” Hef chimed in, saying he “picked the right lady.”

Hugh shrugs off Crystal’s decision to call off their first engagement back in 2011, explaining, “She didn’t want to rush into it. She waited about a year and it became increasingly clear to her that this is what she wanted. Despite the disparity in age, we just have a lot of common interests and we love each other. It’s the down time, it’s the quiet time upstairs watching television, cuddling. Just time alone.” Aw, it’s like cuddling with a teddy bear while watching TV. Or your grandpa. Whatever.

I wonder if Crystal’s parents were so pumped about their daughter’s relationship before they got married. I don’t know, you hear about a 27-year-old with an 87-year-old and it has to be jarring, even if the old dude is a wealthy old dude. I have a feeling they didn’t approve… until they got married. Now Crystal’s parents are enjoying all the perks that come with their kid being married to a multi-millionaire. Kind of creepy, no?

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Denette Wilford

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