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Alicia Silverstone launches breast milk-sharing program

Actress wants women to donate their breast milk for moms and babies in need.
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Denette Wilford, July 2, 2013 4:35:37 PM

Got milk? Because Alicia Silverstone wants it. The actress and vocal breastfeeding advocate announced on her website that she has created a breast milk-sharing program called Kind Mama Milk Share, and the service will help new moms who can’t produce enough milk on their own.

Silverstone is asking those moms who can to “support those mamas and babies who need a hand.” She adds, “If you have milk to share—post it! If you are in need of milk—post it! Think of all the babies we can help raise together!”

The longtime vegan and Bear Blu’s mom reveals how this endeavour first began, that a friend who couldn’t produce enough milk because of a prior breast reduction surgery was her inspiration.

“She’d tried to do everything so that this baby would have the healthiest, happiest start in life—she nourished herself during pregnancy with clean, kind foods; had a beautiful home birth; and planned to breastfeed from now until her son could say, ‘No thanks.’”

So when Alicia’s friend couldn’t make enough milk, Silverstone explains, “She tried reaching out in her community for donor milk, but it was almost impossible to figure out what kind of lifestyle choices the donors had made,” Silverstone writes. “And after all that hard work keeping herself vibrant and healthy, she felt she had a right to demand better for her baby.”

Sharing breast milk used to be this foreign thing, but it has increasingly become common, as have breast milk banks. But breast banks test donors for infection (breast milk, like any bodily fluid, can carry viruses such as HIV); public service sites like Silverstone’s don’t require the same safety guidelines.

There’s obviously a real need for this, particularly for vegan moms who want what they believe is best for their babies and milk from meat eaters’ boobs is too icky for them. I get it, but at the same time, it seems kind of snooty, no? What’s a better option—a meat eaters’ breast milk or none at all? But I like Silverstone’s intentions. Just so long as she doesn’t launch a service that involves pre-chewed foods because that would be weird. Right?

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Denette Wilford

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