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Julia Roberts planning intervention for niece

Aunt Julia doesn't want Emma Roberts to "become the next Lindsay Lohan."
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Denette Wilford, July 26, 2013 3:59:01 PM

Before last week, you might not have known who Emma Roberts is. She’s a young actress with a decent resumé who started her career on Nickelodeon but moved on to some moderate hits like Valentine’s Day and Scream 4, not to mention the upcoming We’re the Millers.

Oh, and she also happens to be Julia Roberts‘ niece.

Emma has always had her poop together and while she liked to party as much as the average 22-year-old, she never seemed like the kind of girl who would turn into a drunk-driving, drug-using, rehab-loving, court-happy shoplifter. And I’m not saying she is. But her arrest earlier this month for domestic violence against her boyfriend, Evan Peters, does call for concern. And Aunt Julia is very concerned.

“Julia’s greatest fear is that Emma will become the next Lindsay Lohan,” a family insider revealed to The Enquirer. I think any loved one of any young girl growing up in Hollywood worries about that but somewhere, LiLo is muttering, “Hurtful.”

Julia was badly shaken by the arrest “and called an emergency family meeting,” the insider continued. “Emma’s behavior has been out of control for a long time and it needs to stop before it’s too late. Julia is going to make sure of that.”

The source claims that Julia is particularly worried that Emma will follow in her dad’s footsteps. Eric Roberts has had his own struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, but he has kicked his addiction to marijuana. But Julia still isn’t resting easy.

“Julia has all the reason in the world to intervene with Emma,” added the insider. “Emma has absolutely no supervision. Julia told the family that she wants Emma to get help right away.”

Emma was released from police custody for bloodying up Evan because he didn’t want to press charges. The couple, who are working together on his show, American Horror Story, are trying to work through their relationship issues. Should Julia be freaked out? Definitely. But I think Emma will shrug off the concern and say she’s got it all under control. And here’s hoping their hotel knock-down, drag-out fight was a one-time deal and not a cyclical abusive situation. Otherwise the entire Roberts clan might want to get involved.

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Denette Wilford

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