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Amanda Bynes has stock in horseshoes, rabbit feet

Starlet's mom is considering dropping conservatorship request.
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Denette Wilford, July 30, 2013 1:56:42 PM

Last week, things seemed to come to a head for Amanda Bynes. Not only is she getting psychiatric treatment (albeit, forced) after lighting a woman’s driveway on fire, but her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, went to a judge to request a temporary conservatorship, that would give them control over their daughter.

The Bynes situation looked like it was taking an upward turn but Lynn might be having a change of heart. According to Radar Online, Lynn is considering dropping her bid for the conservatorship if Amanda agrees to continue with her psychiatric treatment. Oy vey.

Last Friday, before ruling on the petition, the judge ordered a full investigation into Amanda’s behaviour, etc. At this point, though, the Bynes’ temporary conservatorship bid was denied since Amanda has to remain in hospital for the next two weeks. So the hearing is scheduled for Aug. 9, though it might not even be necessary.

“Lynn is ready to drop the petition to become Amanda’s temporary conservator, if her daughter agrees to continue to get medical treatment,” a source told Radar. “Getting the conservatorship was a last-ditch effort for Lynn, in order to get Amanda medical treatment. It broke Lynn’s heart to have to do it, and she is really leaning toward dropping it.”

Radar‘s source reports that, for now, Amanda “is agreeing to stay in treatment. She will say anything to get out and stop her mom from getting a conservatorship,” the source revealed. “Lynn needs to carefully evaluate the situation before deciding anything. Is Amanda really in the proper state of mind to be making any decisions? Amanda has agreed to get treatment in the past, but then doesn’t follow-up.”

Obviously I’m no medical professional, but Bynes is clearly in need of help. Having said that, I believe Amanda is still aware enough to know how to manipulate her mom into thinking she is down with getting shrinked. Heck, she would even endure more psychiatric treatment but it wouldn’t be for actual help. It would simply be a way to get her parents off her back. This is by no means Amanda’s rock bottom but if her parents don’t get control, she’ll hit it soon enough.

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Denette Wilford

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