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Even more bad Bieber behaviour

Angry sexting and side of the road snow peeing are the just latest antics Justin Bieber stands accused of.
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Warren L. Waterman, January 21, 2014 11:27:52 AM

Ladies and gentlemen Beliebers, please fasten your seat belts! We’ve officially entered Lohan territory – that media not-so-sweet spot where a star’s bad behaviour begins to make headlines on a near-daily basis. Justin Bieber, his squeaky-clean, straight outta Stratford image now only a distant memory, has joined the unenviable likes of Amanda Bynes, Charlie Sheen, 2011-era Kim Kardashian, and the aforementioned Lindsay Lohan as a newsmaker whose newsmaking antics aren’t exactly the kind PR people brag to Us Weekly about.

Remember when Justin made the hearts of fans and critics alike practically burst apart by “marrying” that sweet, six-year-old terminally ill cancer patient back in 2012? We thought the good will generated by Bieber’s act of kindness would last forever – and it might have, had the pop star not began to pile on one public display of douchebaggery after another.

There were the fights with the paparazzi, the spitting from hotel balconies, the restaurant mop bucket urination, the multiple reckless driving incidents, the monkey abandonment, the disputes with neighbours – I could go on. But instead of getting his act together in the wake of all the negative media attention, Justin has continued on that well-worn, downward, spiral-shaped path that Lohan and others have tread before him.

It’s like he didn’t even read my letter.

Now, the latest edition of Bad Bieber News includes a story that accuses the singer of sending a strange combination of insults and sexts to on-again/off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Allegedly, Gomez responded to a text containing a photo of Justin’s li’l Bieber with a message telling him he needed to go to rehab. That’s when things turned ugly. (Radar has the entire conversation here, if you care to read such things.) He was also caught in Colorado in another classy public peeing display.

All this comes after cops were called to his California home for an egging-incident-turned-drug-bust. It’s almost unBeliebable.

Lately, Bieber’s “retirement” – seen as a sort of attention-getting stunt at first – is looking like a better and better idea.

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Warren L. Waterman

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