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Duchess Kate is breastfeeding Prince George

William and Kate want their son to be brought up like any other kid.
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Denette Wilford, July 31, 2013 12:18:37 PM

A few weeks ago, a woman decided to put a giant weight on the Duchess of Cambridge‘s shoulders by suggesting Kate should breastfeed her baby. Because Kate is so loved and emulated (case in point, the dress Kate wore when she left Kensington Palace last week has sold out online and now has a four-week waiting list), it would inspire other new moms to do the same, thus helping stop the rapidly decreasing numbers of women breastfeeding their babies in the U.K. That’s a giant burden for Kate, but the Breast is Best brigade can now rest easy knowing George is taking to the boob quite nicely.

“It would be fair to say that Prince George has a healthy appetite. He is a very hungry little boy,” a senior royal source told Sunday People (via The Mirror). “I gather there were some difficulties at first — there often can be, as new mums can get a little tense. But after some help from the midwife, they both caught on very quickly. As far as I can tell, Kate finds it very relaxing and George is just like any other little baby. He can’t get enough. And they all certainly know when he’s hungry — his screams are very difficult to ignore.” I love how big everyone makes him sound, from his parents to his granddad, Prince Charles, who recently described George as “quite heavy.” I can’t wait to see the his smooshy, roly-poly arms and legs. Squeeeee!

The insider added: “But don’t expect Kate to be photographed breastfeeding. She does not want to become a pin-up for the breastfeeding lobby. She feels that it is a matter of personal choice, and that new mums should do whatever feels right for them and their baby.”

Basically, it’s the best scenario Kate could’ve asked for. She’s breastfeeding, so she’ll a touchstone for the mothers who might be leaning that way, but at the same time, she isn’t unintentionally bashing the women who bottle-feed formula to their kids.

Prince William and Kate have also ordered that George not be given a dummy (that’s a pacifier for the non-Brits out there) because they want to raise their son to be a “calm and quiet” boy who doesn’t need to rely on a soother to relax him. Ahh, now that’s a subtle slam for all the moms and dads out there who use a pacifier to soothe their children.

As for how William is taking all this, the source claims, “It’s taken a while for it to sink in with William. He is spending a lot of time with George and all he does is just stare at the boy with this great big grin on his face. Becoming a father for the first time is a big deal for any man. But when you’re the heir to the throne, there’s that little bit more pressure. It’s almost a prince’s first duty to provide an heir — and now William has done that, he can relax a little.”

The insider added that even though their bundle of joy will be a king one day, William wants him to be brought up like any other kid.

“William wants to do all those thing that any other dad would do,” continued the source. “He wants to push the pram and help with getting his son dressed — and, of course, change George’s nappies. William dreams of a day when he is walking the wonderful beaches in Anglesey hand in hand with Kate, their dog Lupo bounding through the surf and George snug in a papoose [carrier].” Aw. Picture perfect. At this rate, they’ll be there in no time.

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Denette Wilford

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