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Prince Harry soldiers on after breaking toe

''He's fractured his toe but the South Pole trip is very much on,'' said a Kensington Palace spokesperson.
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Devon Scoble, October 30, 2013 11:14:08 AM

If you were suffering a broken bone, would you be brave enough to battle a six-foot-five Scandinavian vampire? This is a serious question, people, and one that Prince Harry recently had to answer.

Kensington Palace has just revealed that our royal ginger is walking on a broken toe after suffering a minor undisclosed accident. But that’s not going to stop him from embarking on a South Pole trek this November, where he will race with a British team to raise awareness for soldiers wounded in action. Among his opponents on the American team will be True Blood vampire/actor/hottie Alexander Skarsgard.

This is good news for me, and everyone else who’s been excited to see Skarsgard and Prince Harry get too hot wrestling in the snow and have to take their shirts off pose for a photo together. It will also be good for all the injured soldiers represented by Walking With The Wounded, for which Harry is patron.

Prince Harry has already put a lot of prep work into this expedition, even spending a night sleeping in a freezer set to -55 C, so it’s heartening to know he’s not going to let a little toe injury stop him.

Keep your chin up Harry, and do it for the cameras. Er, Britain.

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Devon Scoble

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