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Diaz and Segel make ‘Sex Tape’

The ‘Bad Teacher’ stars reunite for a racy new sex comedy.
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Jonathan Doyle, April 22, 2013 10:34:21 AM

2011’s Bad Teacher isn’t among the most memorable achievements of Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, or director Jake Kasdan, but the film managed to ride its broad appeal premise (and June release date) to an impressive box office performance. Budgeted at just $20 million, the film went on to gross $216 worldwide, making a follow-up—or at least a reunion—inevitable. After a year of off-and-on negotiations, The Wrap reports that Diaz, Segel, and Kasdan have finally committed to collaborate on another project, one that comes complete with a provocative, blockbuster-ready premise.

Sex Tape tells the story of a couple that makes a sex tape during a night away from their kids, only to wake up and find that the tape is missing. From there, they must determine who has the tape and find a way to get it back. Pairing 33-year-old Segel with 40-year-old Diaz, this film offers a refreshing deviation from Hollywood’s age-based gender bias, but Sex Tape also runs the risk of becoming yet another tired rehash of The Hangover.  Like that franchise-spawning smash, this film follows its characters as they investigate the embarrassment of a wild night together.

In spite of its familiarity, the film’s premise comes loaded with comic potential—and the likelihood of some intrusive Google searches. In the months ahead, those most curious about Sex Tape will be innocently googling its title along with its stars’ names. With that in mind, Diaz and Segel may want to double-check that they don’t have any embarrassing home movies in circulation.

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Jonathan Doyle

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