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Whedon drops big ‘Avengers 2′ hints

Superhero squad could be getting two new mutant members.
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Corrina Allen, April 26, 2013 10:35:19 AM

Comic book blogs are abuzz today with speculation about Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel. The writer/director attended the Iron Man 3 premiere in Hollywood Wednesday evening and naturally, reporters took the opportunity to grill him about The Avengers 2. According to Whedon, things are coming along. He’s written a screenplay and worked some new characters into it, and while he didn’t go so far as to name them, he did drop one big fat hint about who they might be.

“I have actually finished a draft, we’re in a very good place,” Whedon told Yahoo! Movies, explaining how far the project (due out in 2015) has progressed. “It’s an evolution, and that goes on all through shooting and it never stops. I’ve done enough shows and movies to be comfortable with that. You do come to a point where we all agree… You lock certain things in. But then there’s a certain fluidity when you’re working with Robert [Downey Jr.]. Robert’s going to want to do something new on the day, and you’re going to want him to, because it’s going to be funny. So you always keep yourself open.”

Whedon was also open to sharing news about the new super friends he’s throwing into the Avengers mix: “I’ve got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic book; a brother-sister act. They’re in the movie. That’s exciting.” It’s this bit of information that got Marvel fans talking and trying to guess who the squad’s new pals might be. The consensus seems to be that the brother-sister pair Whedon’s hinting at are X-Men royalty, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (Magneto’s mutant progeny—wow, talk about nepotism!).

Whedon admits that there’s a lot of pressure to live up to his first Avengers film, and to do as well as the Iron Man franchise is doing. “I [saw] this and said, ‘Aw, man, he really got it right!’” says Whedon about Shane Black’s film. “The pressure continues!” But, he adds, “It’s going really well, eventually somebody will explain to me that it’s not, but I’ve been writing, meeting with actors, and we’re starting to storyboard and all the preliminary processes. This is the part where it’s all still fun.”

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Corrina Allen

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