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Eat your favourite movies

Next time you need a cake, don’t forget to consider the movie option.
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Jonathan Doyle, April 29, 2013 1:53:34 PM

Ever seen a movie so good you could eat it? Even if that—admittedly, somewhat impractical—ambition isn’t the way you typically express your enthusiasm, Next Movie’s recent tribute to movie cakes offers several appetizing examples of movies in food form. There’s only one problem with these incredible movie cakes: the artistry is so impressive that cutting into the cakes and consuming them feels like some kind of artistic violation, the dessert equivalent of burning a book.

While many of these cakes display their intricate designs in recognizably cake-like form (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tangled, Finding Nemo), even some of the most impressive designs bear little resemblance to food (Beetlejuice, Little Shop of Horrors, Ghostbusters, E.T.). The most extreme example of this is the massive Back to the Future DeLorean cake that was created for the film’s 25th anniversary. This proved to be so impressive that even Michael J. Fox and director Robert Zemeckis were impressed.

However, the art of movie cakes isn’t all about dauntingly intricate designs. Even a relatively simple cake can have impact if it captures the appeal of an iconic movie or character. The best example on Next Movie’s list is the Gremlins cake that translates Gizmo’s furry appeal to icing form. While you may want to keep this cake away from sun and water, even Gizmo himself would be tempted to enjoy this treat after midnight.

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Jonathan Doyle

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