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Massive monsters and robots in new ‘Pacific Rim’ trailer

The new trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s 'Pacific Rim' is harder, better, faster, stronger.
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Kiva Reardon, April 30, 2013 1:56:41 PM

Hope you like robots, because a new trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was just revealed at WonderCon, offering a new look at the fantasy director’s upcoming summer blockbuster. Spoiler: lots of jumbo-sized mayhem.

Bad news for humans: in the future monster aliens rise from the ocean (near the Pacific Rim) and begin to eradicate “the vermin” (us). But never fear, a crew of good-looking guys are willing to wear massive robot suits to fight them. Though it would be easy to write the film off as another Transformers by way of Battleship (which also has oceanic aliens rising from the deep), bear in mind Del Toro is known for his imaginative visuals, which could bring something fresh to this film.

Added bonuses abound in the casting, which features Ron Pearlman reuniting with del Toro after Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy heartthrob Chrlie Hunnam trading in his hog and neck tattoos for next level robotics, the ever hilarious Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) making his blockbuster debut, and Idris Elba giving rousing speeches.

Pacific Rim smashes theatres July 11.

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Kiva Reardon

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