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Portman and Fassbender headline new Macbeth

Natalie Portman returns to her darkest role since 'Black Swan.'
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Kiva Reardon, May 1, 2013 10:46:54 AM

Natalie Portman is best known for her Oscar-winning performance in the cerebral Black Swan (and her less celebrated performance as Padmé in Star Wars, but why go down that road?). Since picking up her Academy Award in 2010, Portman’s career has taken an interesting turn, moving away from darker dramas and returning to rom-coms (No Strings Attached), raunch-coms (Your Highness), and blockbusters (Thor). But things will soon get grim again as she’s been cast as Lady Macbeth.

Justin Kurzel (The Snowtown Murders) will be helming the adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s best-known plays, setting it in the 11th century. Michael Fassbender will play Macbeth, who as Collider points out, was supposed to co-star with Portman in the fraught production of Jane Got a Gun. Fassbender walked away from the project, though Portman remains a producer, which seems to suggest there are no hard feelings between the two actors.

Lady Macbeth has become the archetype of the conniving woman, as she manipulates her husband to commit regicide so that he might take the throne. As we all know from high school English, things don’t turn out so well. It’s arguably the biggest role for Portman since her Oscar win, so it’s safe to say all eyes will be on her performance to see if she can pull off garnering another golden statuette.

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Kiva Reardon

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