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Michael Bay and the Case of the Stolen Sex Toys

Thousands of dollars worth of sex toys went missing from the set of 'Pain and Gain'
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Corrina Allen, May 2, 2013 12:19:28 PM

In Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Anthony Mackie kidnap Tony Shalboub’s character and hold him hostage in sex toy warehouse. The warehouse Bay used in his latest film wasn’t a real sex toy warehouse, it was just an empty warehouse that the film’s art department had to fill with sex toys—$75,000 worth of them. It sounds like a tonne of money to spend on just one type of prop, but film crews typically buy clothing, furniture, and other set pieces and return them when the movie wraps, often paying only a restocking fee of around 20 percent or so. That’s what the crew of Pain and Gain planned on doing—before the toys began to go missing.

The Daily Beast asked Bay about the craziest thing that happened while he was shooting his “low-budget” (*cough* $26 million *cough*) movie and the director recounted the following story: “We bought $75,000 worth of sex toys to stock the sex-toy warehouse,” said Bay, who thought his crew’s reaction to the sight of thousands of dollars worth of naughty toys was hilarious. “I could have filmed [them] coming in that day because they’d stop and see these things—anatomically correct vajayjays and this butt (everyone would touch the butt because it felt real)—and it was hysterical.” (Yeah, you read that right. Michael Bay just said “vajayjay.”)

Anyway, these “vajayjays” and real-feeling butts eventually became the target of a ring of sex-crazed thieves (or of a few curious crew members who just like free stuff). “We were going to return all the sex toys to get three-quarters of our money back, but they started disappearing,” says Bay. “We were like, ‘Who is taking the sex toys?’”

Who indeed! The mystery has yet to be solved, but both The Rock and Wahlberg are possible suspects—however, each man really packed on the muscle for their respective gym-bunny roles and the pair were busting out of their tank tops and track suits. It would have been tricky for either man to smuggle an extra butt off set… then again, Wahlberg does have a history with prosthetics.

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Corrina Allen

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