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A mom explains ‘The Matrix’

Will Leo and his girlfriend be able to free Moshimo from the computer?
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Corrina Allen, May 2, 2013 1:38:52 PM

Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi’s mom had never seen The Matrix. In fact, Mrs. Nicolosi had never even heard of the Wachowski’s 1999 sci-fi thriller. The somewhat violent film just wasn’t on the peace-loving mom’s radar—so Joe decided to sit down and watch the film with her. After they’d finished the movie, Joe, harbouring somewhat nefarious (though forgivable) intentions, recorded his mom explaining what The Matrix was all about. Then he animated a video to go with her account. The resulting YouTube clip—The Matrix Retold (by Mom)—is sweet. And totally hilarious.

“I don’t know if I could say I liked it. I did have to close my eyes,” says mom, who isn’t a fan of guns, explosions, weird babies growing in “bubbles”, or a hairless Keanu Reeves (all of which figure into the movie at some point). And while fans of The Matrix were thrilled by the innovative, Matrix-manipulating scene know as “bullet time“, it didn’t make much of an impact on mom. “A lot of times I would close my eyes, so I probably missed bullet time,” she admits.

It seems Mom’s favourite character is “the girlfriend” (Trinity)—she praises Carrie Anne Moss’ “excellent judo skills, jumping skills, [and] flying skills.” A regular superhero! Mom is less impressed by Moshimo and Leo (who you may know as Morpheus and Neo) but she is intrigued by Keanu’s sexual preferences: “I keep on wondering, ‘Is he straight or gay?’ He could be bi,” speculates Mrs. Nicolosi during a moment that her son calls “follow[ing] the white rabbit down some tangents.”

You can watch Joe interview his mom about The Matrix below, and if you haven’t seen the film either, don’t worry—there are no spoilers in the clip. Because Joe’s mom doesn’t really remember how the movie ended.

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Corrina Allen

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