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‘Into Darkness’ contest gives fans the gift of Zero Gravity

InnerSpace is giving away a trip to Florida and a private "Zero G Experience"
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Corrina Allen, May 9, 2013 11:17:43 AM

InnerSpace, the Space channel’s news show covering all things cool, is giving Star Trek fans a shot at winning a really nifty Into Darkness prize pack that includes a trip for two to Tampa, Florida and a Zero Gravity flight experience (once you get there, as opposed to during your flight down south).

InnerSpace knows that short of time-travel or being beamed up onto the USS Enterprise, the chance to float around in Zero Gravity is probably a sci-fi fan’s greatest wish, so their Star Trek Into Darkness grand prize includes two round trip flights to Tampa, a private ‘Zero G experience’ flight for two, plus all the other necessities like hotel accommodations and spending cash (to buy the requisite ‘My Mom Went on a Zero G Flight and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt’ t-shirt).

You can enter InnerSpace‘s Into Darkness contest here (you’ve got until stardate May 20). And if you don’t win the Zero Gravity flight, there’s no need to go all Wrath of Khan over it—the secondary prize packs are pretty great, too. There’s Star Trek Xbox games and other Into Darkness-related swag also up for grabs. So good luck, and may the force be with… wait, that’s not right. Um, live long and boldly enter contests? Make it so!

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Corrina Allen

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