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Hugh Jackman is jacked in ‘The Wolverine’

The first full trailer for 'The Wolverine' has Hugh Jackman back in the role and looking good.
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Kiva Reardon, June 14, 2013 5:01:50 PM

Since the first X-Men movie in 2000, Hugh Jackman has been cutting a fine figure as Logan, a.k.a Wolverine. Indeed, it now seems impossible to imagine anyone else in the role but the Aussie actor. Really, who else could pull off that facial hair? In addition to proving that muttonchops can actually be appealing, Jackman looks like he hasn’t slacked off at the gym, displaying a lot of ripped abs in the official trailer for The Wolverine.

Picking up after X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan is struggling with the ramifications of having to to kill his love, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). The wallowing can only last so long, however, and he’s pulled out of his depressed rut when he’s summoned to Japan by a figure from his past, Shingen Yashuda (Will Yun Lee). Logan saved Yashuda from the atomic blast at Hiroshima during World War II, and now Yashuda wants to repay the favour: he offers to make Logan mortal.

Being all tortured and damaged has its upsides, as Logan continues to attract the ladies: Yashuda’s granddaughter, Mariko (Tao Okamoto) and the villainess, Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova). Though we don’t see Jean Grey in the trailer, she’s listed in the cast, so we haven’t seen the end of her as Phoenix.

Beyond Jackman’s jacked physique, the film’s action sequences look promising, ranging from fights on top of speeding trains, to hand-to-hand combat, to samurai-style sword battles. This should come as no surprise, as the film is directed by James Mangold who helmed action movies before, like Knight and Day and 3:10 to Yuma.

The Wolverine is set for release this July, when we’ll see if it’s worth howling about.

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Kiva Reardon

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