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Gandolfini made a ‘Sopranos’ reunion movie

The cast of the celebrated HBO series reunited one last time in ‘Nicky Deuce.’
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Jonathan Doyle, June 26, 2013 9:01:01 AM

Long before James Gandolfini died, it was clear to most fans of The Sopranos that the show was never coming back. However, a recent movie reunited several of the key cast members one last time. If there’s one thing the world needed more than a Sopranos reunion, it was a series of young adult gangster novels. Fortunately, series regular Steven R. Schirripa delivered precisely that when he co-authored Welcome to the Family and Home for the Holidays, a pair of books about teen “gangster,” Nicky Deuce. When Nickelodeon decided to bring the character to television, Schirripa enlisted the help of several big guns from the HBO crime saga. In addition to Schirripa, Nicky Deuce features Michael Imperioli, Tony Sirico, Vincent Curatola, and the late great James Gandolfini—as Bobby Eggs.

Supportive friend that he was, Gandolfini even attended Nicky Deuce’s Los Angeles premiere on May 20th, a week before the film’s TV debut. Like the trailer below, the description on the forthcoming DVD confirms that this is not quite the Sopranos revival fans are hoping for. (I may be wrong, but I don’t think they ever did an episode about math camp.) “Nicholas Borelli II (Noah Munck), a sheltered suburban teen, has the adventure of a lifetime when his plans for math camp take a sudden turn. Instead, he is forced to spend his summer in Brooklyn, New York, with the family he never knew he had—his Italian grandmother Tutti (Rita Moreno) and Uncle Frankie (Steven R. Schirripa). A fish out of water, Nicholas leans on the local kids to help him fit in and ends up with a slick new persona: Nicky Deuce. But when Nicky runs into trouble, he discovers a family secret and learns that the tough streets of Brooklyn aren’t always what they seem.”

That last part could mean just about anything, but don’t expect anyone to get whacked in this family friendly spin on the gangster film. “Watch out Brooklyn, there’s a new boss in town”—and he comes to DVD on July 2nd.

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Jonathan Doyle

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