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Everybody (except Kevin Bacon) cut footloose!

Kevin Bacon pays wedding DJs not to play the Kenny Loggins hit.
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Corrina Allen, July 12, 2013 1:56:36 PM

It isn’t that Kevin Bacon doesn’t like smooth music or that he’s tired of kicking off his Sunday shoes, it’s just that it’s been almost 30 years, and he’s sick of the title song Kenny Loggins wrote for his big breakout movie, Footloose. Oh and he definitely does not want to dance to it at your wedding or anyone else’s.

In an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show earlier this week, Bacon told the late night host about the lengths he’ll go to in order to avoid having to shake his hips and hope to land that one high kick in front of a crowd.

“I go to the disk jockey and hand him $20 and say ‘Please don’t play that song’ because, first off, a wedding is not really about me, it’s about the bride and the groom,” joked the actor, who describes how, when the song does get played at a reception, a crowd will gather around him, clapping and expecting a spot-on performance. “It’s awful,” he admitted, “so I try to avoid that [situation] if possible.”

The unwanted attention, says Bacon, also tends to tick off the bride—it being her big day and all. It’s better for everyone involved if the actor just doesn’t tear up the town dance floor.

By the way, in case you’ve ever wondered about the story behind the writing of Loggins’ ‘Footloose’ you can click here to see the unauthorized, untrue, and pretty unsafe for work retelling of how Bacon conspired to force the musician to come up with the song for him.

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Corrina Allen

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