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Daniel Radcliffe wants to put his clothes back on

Harry Potter star has had his fill of nude scenes for the time being.
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Corrina Allen, September 18, 2013 8:46:46 AM

Daniel Radcliffe has given the wardrobe department a break on every one of his last three films. He’s appeared sans clothing in The F Word, in Kill Your Darlings, and in Horns (Radcliffe fans who attended the Toronto International Film Festival would have seen the Harry Potter star naked in all three movies). And while he’s grateful to get out of Hogwarts for some post-graduate acting gigs, he’s also ready to put his clothes back on now, okay?

For his latest project, the second season of A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories (a UK-produced television miniseries in which Radcliffe stars opposite Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm), the actor has made the specific request to remain covered up. “I think there was a discussion about possible nudity for one scene,” he recently told a British paper, “and I think my comment was, ‘I got naked in three films last year, please can I not?’”

Riskier roles (which can sometimes involve getting naked) are often seen as a refuge for former child stars trying to shake off their cutesy kid image, but Radcliffe worries about taking things too far. “At some point everyone’s going to start assuming I’m an exhibitionist,” he says. Full disclosure (pardon the pun): Daniel also appeared nude in the first season of A Young Doctor’s Notebook – in a bathtub with Hamm. “We don’t [get naked] in this [2nd] series, much to everyone’s disappointment,” jokes Radcliffe.

And the actor hasn’t even limited his nude experiences to time spent in front of the camera. He’s also been in the buff on stage in front of a live audience during the theatre run of Equus in 2007 and the Broadway revival of the play in 2009. He must be very, very cold by now. Not cold enough, however, to return to the well-cloaked world of Harry Potter. Asked about J.K. Rowling’s new Potter-affiliated project, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Radcliffe replied “I, needless to say, won’t be involved. I don’t know if any of us [the original Potter cast] will be,” he said, adding “I know nothing about it.”

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Corrina Allen

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