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Make-a-Wish makes Batkid’s dream come true

San Francisco will become Gotham City for Batkid's big day.
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Corrina Allen, November 4, 2013 8:27:28 AM

On November 15th the police chief of a major California city will interrupt your regular programming to bring you a very important bulletin: there are bad guys on the loose in San Francis- make that Gotham City and there’s only one person who can bring peace back to the citizens of the newly named town – Batkid. Batkid (I’m sure he won’t mind me revealing his secret identity here) is five-year-old Miles who told the Make-a-Wish foundation that it was his dream to be a superhero.

Miles has leukaemia so Make-a-Wish and a large group of volunteers are turning his hometown into Batman’s stomping grounds of Gotham City for one day in November, and they’ve got a full day of fun planned for their little Batkid. Of course fun for a superhero means going out on the town and busting bad guys. It also means having hamburgers for lunch.

Batkid will be accompanied by a grown-up Batman and the pair already have their work cut out for them. The first stop of the day will be a daring rescue of a damsel in distress trapped on San Fran’s famous cable car tracks. Then it’s off to catch the Puzzler in the middle of a burglary. Two crises averted in a single morning means that Batkid will have earned himself that hamburger but once he’s slurped his last sip of milkshake, he’ll receive another important message from the Chief of Police, this time about a kidnapped San Francisco mascot. What superhero’s day is complete without a car chase?

At the end of a long day of crime fighting, Batkid will do San Francisco’s mayor and police chief the honour of visiting them at city hall to accept a key to the city. Make-a-Wish is asking volunteers to be on hand at one or several planned sites to cheer for Batkid on his big day.

Here’s wishing the tiny Dark-Knight-in-training the best of luck on November 15! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve got something in my eye. Sniff.

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Corrina Allen

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