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Actor couldn’t remember who his co-star was

Richard Dreyfuss had to be introduced to his 'Paranoia' co-star again and again and again.
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Corrina Allen, August 16, 2013 1:36:41 PM

Richard Dreyfuss sure knows how to make a woman feel special. On the set of the veteran actor’s latest film, Paranoia (out in theatres today), Dreyfuss had to be reminded more than once who his co-star Amber Heard was.

Heard, who is actually billed higher than Dreyfuss (she plays opposite leading man Liam Hemsworth in the movie), was a guest on Chelsey Lately earlier this week to talk about Paranoia, which also stars Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. She told her host that despite her main character status in the film, one of her fellow actors had to be introduced to her several times.

When shooting on the project began, Heard had dinner with Dreyfuss and his wife, Svetlana Erokhin. That’s when the pair had their first awkward interaction. “I’m having dinner, and he keeps talking about how he wants to imbue all of our scenes with a sense of, like, sexual tension,” said Heard, “and I’m thinking to myself, because we don’t have any scenes together, I’m thinking, ‘This is the weirdest way I’ve ever been hit on.’”

Dreyfuss, it seems, had confused her for the actress playing a nurse in the movie, a minor part—and an honest mistake. I’m sure all would have been forgotten had Dreyfuss remembered who Heard was the next time he saw her (which, incidentally, was on set the very next day). “He had no idea who I was…again. Again,” said the actress of her dinner companion from the previous night. “He shook my hand!” she exclaimed.

You’d think that their third meeting would’ve been the charm, but when Heard and Dreyfuss reunited a few months later for some reshoots, the actor had forgotten her all over again. “I walk into the room and he stands up and says, ‘Oh I’m sorry. Were you wanting to sit down?’,” she recalled. “And he’s like, ‘Well, you know this is where the actors are…[but] you can totally sit down.’” And they say chivalry is dead.

The movie itself is getting some pretty dismal reviews so far (the Toronto Star‘s critic, coincidentally, called Paranoia “forgettable”). Maybe it’s best if Dreyfuss and Heard just pretend the whole thing never happened.

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Corrina Allen

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